If over 12 years of age:
In the time your group is here, we  teach climbers how to put on and safety check a harness, tie a figure eight knot, double figure eight knot, and safely belay each other up a wall.  If they are able to complete all of this safely and properly, we will be certifying them to belay.  If needed, we can provide your group with a hard copy of a belay certificate which is a great piece to keep for their portfolios.

If under 12 years of age:
We will help climbers put their harnesses on and our instructors will hold the ropes for them while they climb our 40' walls!  We can incorporate games for the kids to make this an even greater experience!   

Some of the team building games we often find successful and enjoyable are:

  • Blindfolded climbs - One person is blindfolded while climbing and must rely on their team-mates and friends to help coach them up the wall. 


  • Tandem climbs - A rope is tied from one harness to another so that two climbers are encouraged to make it to the top of the wall together by climbing at the same speed and staying at the same height as they ascend. 


  • Races - We have two walls beside each other that have rocks placed in the same positioning so that they are the same difficulty.  Two climbers can race to the top while their team mates cheer and encourage both sides on.

Benefits of bringing your group to Of Rock and Chalk:

Rock climbing is a great sport for everyone, no matter  body type, confidence, or current experience.  It is a skill that can help build self-confidence as they surprise themselves at climbing higher than they expected.  Rock climbing can help build trust as climbers learn to belay one another up the walls.  Teamwork is introduced as climbers have the opportunity to work together to complete challenges such as blindfolded climbs, tandem climbs, and races.  Rock climbing is a great sport to introduce to your group early on, as it will set you up for the rest of the year with climbers ready to work hard and help develop goals for themselves.

Group size 9 to 30

$21.23 (plus HST) per person for up to two hours of climbing, harnesses, and use of our party room during that time.

Group size 30 to 150

$21.23 (plus HST) per person for up to four hours of climbing, harnesses, and use of our party room during that time.

**Multi trip discounts available**

Party rooms available. Pizza will be an extra charge, depending on size and toppings.