Adult Activities

Of Rock and Chalk offers loads of ways to quickly get you up the walls. In addition to everything that we offer on our Getting Started page, here are some more ways your can book an appointment with us:

Adult Groups

Adult groups (9 or more)  are very welcome to join us for a day of climbing. You will leave exhausted and satisfied at conquering some of your fears and challenges. We host Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, groups, clubs and family reunions and they all have a blast! PLUS you can bring your own snacks, juice and water, or take advantage of our great pizza and pop services. Please call ahead to book

Team Building and Corporate Events

Looking for a great way to bring your corporate team closer together? Enjoy a day of bonding and exercise with your team, or as a thank-you for a job well done. We can customize a program to suit your needs for any event including:

  • Team Building
  • Year End Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Your needs are our challenge!

Basic Package: $28.31 per person plus HST. This Includes 1 hour of climbing 1 hour of team building games with our instructors and harness rentals

Those in the group who cannot actively participate in climbing for any reason are welcome to learn to belay or be spectators and encourage their teammates. The fees apply only for those who take part in the activities.

We offer different programs to suit your team’s needs, so please call or e-mail us so we can ensure the success of your party!

Beginner’s Course

Our Beginner’s Course is designed for those people that have never learnt to belay. During the lesson and orientation, we will make sure you understand basic safety practices, basic climbing lingo and feel comfortable enough to start climbing on your own. We will also teach you how to correctly put on your harness, as well as to tie a Double Figure Eight knot correctly and how to belay with a Grigri. The Beginner’s Course also includes your harness, shoe rental and climbing for the day (day pass). As an added bonus, we will also include a one month membership (rentals not included)! Additionally, if you decide after the month to sign up for a year membership, we will credit you the price of the Beginner’s Course. All of this for only $46.01 per person plus HST

Note: must be 12 years of age or older to take beginners course. Please call ahead to book a time

Advance Climbing Lessons

Our Advance climbing course is for those looking for private to semi-private lessons. The instructor will help with your areas of difficulty and will help you set goals and challenges for yourself, in order to improve your climbing ability. They will teach you technique and skill on the walls, and will be with you to encourage and motivate you. Prices are as follows

  • One hour: $62.00 + HST
  • Package of 4 one-hour lessons: $218.58 + HST
  • Package of 6 one-hour lessons: $284.95 + HST

Semi Private lessons

  • Minimum 2 people one hours: $45/person + HST
  • Package of 4 one hour lessons: $160/person + HST
  • Package of 6 onehour lessons: $210/person + HST

Lead Climbing Course

The lead climbing course runs for three days once a week for 3 hours a day. This course will allow you to lead climb in our facility and any outdoor Sport Climbing. You will learn about safety, lead belaying, clipping in, the difference between dynamic ropes and static ropes and much more.

  • $146.02 per person + HST

In order to take the course, you must meet the two requirements listed below:

  • You must be at least a 5.9 climber and able to top rope belay.
  • You must provide your own belay device, rope and harness.

Please call for reservations.