New Training Room!

After lots of hard work from our team we finally have a brand new room in the gym!

We focused on building a room that would help our members train to be stronger on specific holds as well as basic fitness training. We kept the weights and some of the various benches in the room but added a whole lot more new stuff (and did a whole lot of cleaning!!)

The new and improved training room features a new wall for campus rungs and a set of hanging rings. By far the biggest and best part of the new room is the MoonBoard we installed. Designed by Ben Moon and used around the world, the MoonBoard comes with a variety of problems to help you build strength in general and especially with different holds. 

If you want to check out what the hype is about the MoonBoard you can go to the website ( or come into the gym and try it out for yourself!

For our less experienced members we have added a bunch of system holds to train pockets, pinches, mini jugs and crimps.  

Come on in and check out all the new and exciting changes here at Of Rock and Chalk!