About our parties

No matter how old you will be, we love creating a unique and exciting birthday experience you’ll never forget.


Our party package includes 90 minutes of climbing time with our qualified staff as well as 45 minutes in one of our party rooms! All parties include harness rentals with the option to rent climbing shoes for 50% off.

Parties operate on a 1:7 staff to climber ratio. Each of our large climbing rooms are equipped with  automatic belay devices and two bouldering rooms - meaning that everyone will have a chance to do lots of climbing throughout the party

Give us a call today to start planning a rocking birthday party!



Up to 7 climbers $230

8 to 14 climbers $430

15 to 22 climbers $605

please call if you require pricing for a party larger than 22. 


Pizza and pop must be purchased through the gym but any other food or drink items can be brought into the party rooms. There is a fridge and freezer that is shared between all of the party rooms that you can have access to. Party rooms include tables and chairs as well as tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups and cutlery - if you wish to do any further decorating you are welcome to do so.

Pizza prices are below and 2L pop bottles are $4

Online Waiver


Waiver (PDF)


Birthday Party Invitation 1 (pdf)


Birthday Party Invitation 2 (pdf)